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HANGAR X:  Home of standard and specialty Ground Support Equipment, backed up by custom Computer-Aided Design and Expert Manufacturing.

Your next generation aircraft and support facilities deserve the very best.

Our multi-purpose workstands feature adjustable height, aluminum construction and flexible design features.

Our new HX7 Cargo Door Access Stand is pictured here with a Northwest Airlines 747 at their Detroit maintenance facility.  Although this is the intended use, it has proven to be in-demand for many secondary uses such as wing maintenance, radome access. etc. on several large aircraft models.  This unit has been heavily used indoors, outdoors and in severe weather conditions. 

Our smaller HX6 workstand is similar to the HX7, but sized for access to the 737 cargo doors.  It is also used extensively for winglet mod installations on 737 models. 

Our HX4 Maintenance Stand is pictured below.

Our next generation HX5 maintenance stand is pictured here with a Southwest Airlines 737.  

The HX4 and HX5 are a robust replacement for venerable B4 and B5 scissor-lift stands.